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Now Appearing at a Resort Near You: "The Trans Vengers"

May 8, 2020


Inspired by the American Fantasy-Adventure Film "The Avengers," the employees of The Trans Resort Bali have labeled themselves as "The Trans-Vengers" as they wage war on COVID-19.  This battle is fought 24/7 by every hotel employee in all the various nooks and crannies of the 5-star property located on the Sunset Boulevard in the Seminyak area of the Island.

Sharing the "plans of war" with the press, The Trans Resort Bali marketing communications executive, Sisca Oktavia, said on Wednesday, 29 April 2020: "Following the World Health Organization's (WHO) declaration of Pandemic status for the novel coronavirus in early March, all the nations of the world have responded by closing borders, limiting travel, closing schools, canceling public events and, in Indonesia, even forbidding annual homecoming travel over the Idul Fitri Holiday. As brave medical personnel fight COVID-19 in hospitals worldwide, the employees of The Trans Resort Bali are not shirking their responsibilities. They are seriously undertaking all the prescribed routines to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus in all areas of the Hotel and in every aspect of its operations to protect the health of both employees and guests."

Sisca described how the experience of a visit to the luxurious The Trans Resort Bali has changed in the COVID-19 era. Every guest, employee, or supplier entering the Hotel's premises is now required to follow standards and practices established by the WHOthe Bali Provincial Authorities, and the Government of Indonesia.



Standards of hygiene now in place include thermal body temperature scans in operation at every entrance to the Hotel. Those entering the property with temperatures above 37.5 degrees Celsius or displaying symptoms, such as a dry cough or difficulties in breathing, will be placed in isolation for further examination and rapid-testing performed by trained medical personnel.

Underlining the seriousness of the approach to fighting COVID-19 at The Trans Resort Bali is the disinfecting of all public areas of the Hotel on an hourly basis together with cleaning of "back of house" areas that include offices, storage rooms, loading docks, and all food preparation areas.

Adopting the Indonesian tradition of "gotong royong" or mutual cooperation, all members of staff are joining the housekeeping and gardening staff by chipping in additional efforts to ensure all areas of the 3.2-hectare property are kept immaculately clean. If you're visiting the Resort, look for "Trans-vengers" working together in cleaning and disinfecting the white sandy beach pool area, gym, and all the garden areas surrounding the Resort.

All staff members involved in guest contact capacities, as well as food and beverage preparation, are always required to wear a face mask, sterile gloves, and head coverings. In addition, management conducts thorough inspections daily to ensure all protocols on cleanliness and sanitation are consistently followed.

Sisca concluded, saying that while some of the procedures surrounding a stay at The Trans Resort Bali may have changed in response to COVID-19, the high level of services provided by the team for every guest remains unchanged, but now delivered with the added understanding in the era of controlling a Pandemic. Safeguarding the health and well-being of guests have now become a sacred and prime duty of every member of the "Trans-Venger" team.

The Hotel remains in operation, offering a safe and luxurious escape for those seeking a few days of a 'safe diversion" from the sometimes boring "stay-at-home" regime.

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