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COVID-19 Update






At The Trans Resort Bali, guests comfort, health and safety are always our primary concern, and in these uncertain times, we would like to reassure our guests that we have extremely high standards of health and safety in place at our hotel.


This is an unprecedented and challenging situation for the tourism, travel and event sector in Bali. We will continue to monitor the evolving situation of COVID-19 closely and are following the direction of the World Health Organisation and relevant local health and government authorities.


As part of our commitment, kindly refer to precautionary measures below to reassure you of the actions we are taking to protect the health and safety of our guests, partners and employees.


Lobby/Front Office/Bell Desk/Concierge and Public Areas

  • Step up frequency of the cleaning/disinfecting, eg. Every hour, in the following areas:

    • Door handles, push entry buttons, swinging door push panels in all public areas.

    • Guest lift access buttons in all lift lobbies.

    • Guest lifts panel buttons and handrails within the lifts.

    • Escalator, stair and all other public area handrails.

    • Guest toilets ensuring all counter surfaces and door handles disinfected.

  • Disinfectant wet wipes to be used frequently to clean and sanitise counter tops, phones, keyboards and screens.

  • Hand sanitizer (pump bottle) placed at each reception counter and concierge/porter desks.

  • Porters to ensure they sanitise their hands after carrying guest’s bags.

  • Hand sanitizer (pump bottle) placed in every public toilet along with signs reminding guests on the importance of washing hands.


Food and Beverage Outlets

  • Hand sanitizer (pump bottle) available at the entrance desk in every outlet.

  • In buffet outlets Hand sanitizer (pump bottle) placed at the end of each buffet line for

guest’s usage.

  • All tables and all chairs cleaned with disinfectant after every guest leave.


Food Safety

  • All food suppliers to adhere to proper hand washing procedures during all deliveries of food at the receiving bay. Hand Sanitizer (pump bottle) available in receiving area.

  • Daily inspections to be carried out by management in all food preparation and service areas to ensure that cleaning and sanitation methods are consistently adhered to and carried out.

  • Employees in food preparation areas to be wear masks and hair coverage.

  • Daily kitchen briefings regarding personal and workplace cleanliness is essential.



  • External guests/members visiting the spa or gym have to complete a Health Declaration Form to declare their state of health; whether they have come into contact with any person suspected of the Covid-19 virus; and their past travel patterns of the last 14 days. In house guests would have given the information at the point of check-in.

  • Hand sanitizer (pump bottle) placed at Gym Counter, Spa Reception, Ladies & Men’s changing rooms/toilets.

  • Hourly cleaning of guest changing rooms, showers and toilets ensuring all counter surfaces and door handles disinfected.

  • Hourly cleaning/disinfecting of gym equipment or directly after use by guests. Disinfectant wipes available for guests to wipe equipment if wanted.

  • Disinfectant wet wipes to be used frequently to clean and sanitise counter tops, phone, keyboards and screens.

  • Increased monitoring of chlorine levels in the swimming pool and spa pools.

  • Spa therapist to wear masks for all treatments and gloves for specific treatments (e.g. facial treatments)



  • The completion of Health Declaration Form completed during check in for any guests who have been overseas with the last 14 days.

  • Ear thermometers with disposable sheaths or thermal digital readers used on foreheads if required.

  • Masks to be available to grab upon request (at reception).

  • If there is any guest with COVID-19 symptoms (fever, cough, shortness of breath and respiratory problems), the Hotel Assistant Manager (HAM) together with Emergency Response Team will assist the guest according to the official protocol by the Government.

  • When the results are positive, rooms and places that have been used by the guest will be cleaned and sanitized according to health standards.

  • In-house Nurse is available between 8AM – 8PM and Doctor-on-call is 24 hours. There are 2 nearest hospitals which are Siloam Hospital and BIMC Hospital, which located just 15 minutes from the hotel.

  • Some referral hospitals which are in cooperation with the hotel for all the COVID-19 patients as follows: Rumah Sakit Umum Sanglah which located approximately 25 minutes from the hotel and Rumah Sakit Umum Daerah Sanjiwani Gianyar which located approximately 1 hour from the hotel.


Hotel Employees

  • Temperatures of all employees checked at the staff entrance on arrival every day and if above WHO standards of 37.3 Celsius then the employee should be sent to a medical professional and their condition reported for follow up.

  • If the temperature is 37.3 Celsius or above, suggest that the employee wears a mask and inform them they are not allowed to work and send them immediately to the nearest hospital. They will be permitted to return to work if they have been declared healthy by the Doctor through a Doctor's Certificate.

  • As fingerprint now off then change by manual absences, then all staff must use their own pen to sign the attendance as the pen also become an effective media to spread out the virus.

  • Employees reminded daily to maintain good personal hygiene, and to wash their hands frequently with soap.

  • Step up the frequency of the cleaning of back of house staff areas especially staff toilets, break room/canteen and at the staff entrance.

  • All employees who have travelled overseas in the last 14 days to complete a Health Declaration form.



Detection of COVID-19

  • If the virus detected in the hotel, or a guest is suspected of carrying the virus, the areas in which the affected guest has been to be fully disinfected and sanitised following the recommendations of the government health authority.

  • Guests or employees suspected of carrying the virus, to be reported to the hotel management team, who will then further investigate and act in accordance to guidelines set out by the health authorities.

  • Total number of the hand sanitizer is 37 placed in all hotel areas as follow:



Employee entrance (4)


The Spa (1)


GRO (4)


Uniform room (1)


Guest washroom at the Lobby (2)


Locker (2)


Restaurant (3)


Lobby bar (1)


Guest washroom at the Restaurant (2)


Boardroom corridor (1)


Gym (1)


Ballroom corridor (1)


Kids Club (1)


Canteen (1)


Lobby Lounge (1)


Security at Lobby (1)


Club Lounge (1)


Kitchen (8)


The 18th Rooftop Bar (1)




  • Total counter of temperature control/check station:

  1. Loading dock/staff entrance (every employee and supplier is checked).

  2. Lobby entrance (every arrival guest is checked).

  3. Pre-function area (every group/event guest is checked).


  • Check-in Process

Declaration form is provided to be completed during the check-in process.


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